Western Australia
Wolfe Creek Crater is a meteorite impact crater located 150 kilometres south of the town of Halls Creek and accessed via the Tanami Road.

The crater which lies on the edge of the Great Sandy Desert in the East Kimberley, is two to three hour drive from Halls Creek via the Tanami Road. It was created about 300,000 years ago and is central to the Wolfe Creek Meteorite Crater National Park. The crater rim rises some 25 metres above the surrounding desert, the crater is about 875 metres in diameter and 50 metres deep from the top of the rim to the crater floor.

Oxidized remnants of iron meteoritic material, plus some impact glass have been found at the site.

The crater which resulted from the meteorite impact was originally probably up to 120 metres deep. It has however over the intervening hundreds of thousands of years been partially filled with blown sand and gypsum.

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Wolfe Creek meteorite crater & Bungle Bungles

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Wolfe Creek Meteorite Crater.Wolfe-Creek Meteorite Crater
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