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Why do a RSA, Responsible Service of Alcohol course?

It is a legal requirement throughout Australia that anyone who works in licensed premises such as a pub, bar, restaurant or nightclub, complete Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training prior to commencing work. Learn more

An example of an approved Western Australia online RSA course.

Each state in Australia has its own liquor legislation and its own RSA accreditation particular to that state.

This means that many backpackers or working travellers will need to get more than one RSA certificate to work across Australia. Doing the short course online allows you to get the certification before you arrive in Australia, plus reduces your costs.

In Western Australia, courses can be completed online and on location at an approved registered training organisation.

The Western Australian Government department that managers RSA’s in the state is the “RLG” “Department of Racing, Liquor and Gaming ”.

Question: What certification do I need to possess to have a valid RSA for WA?

Answer: RSA Statement of Attainment 

Once you have the statement
You will need to show a hard copy of your statement of attainment when you apply for any job involving alcohol. Don’t be fooled by someone who tells you to borrow your friends or just make one up, it won't work.

Why do I need it?
You’ll learn more about this in the course.

However, the main principles are knowing how to participate in responsible service practices. It is a vital resource for staff to ensure that alcohol is served and consumed in as socially-responsible and consumer-friendly manner as possible.

Are their fines or penalties?
YES - Venues in each state are randomly audited by the relevant state liquor authority, and if you’re working when this happens your employer will be expected to show your statement of attainment on the spot. The RLG then checks to see if they’re all valid.

If the venue is found to have workers who do not possess the required training (RSA) they’ll be fined and risk losing their liquor license. The penalties are huge for venues, and so they don’t waste any time interviewing people who haven’t done this course.  

What will an RSA course cover?
The information provided in your RSA course will help you understand the role of your employers in complying with the legislation, and your role and responsibilities when serving drinks containing alcohol to patrons.

The RSA Course will teach you to:
  • Identify customers to whom service should be refused. Definition of Drunkenness.

  • Prepare and serve alcoholic beverages responsibly.

  • Assist customers to drink within appropriate limits.

  • Assist alcohol affected customers.

  • Harm Minimisation.
Learn more about responsible service in Western Australia.

What will I be tested on?
There will be interactive activities throughout some online courses that aren’t assessed. These are to provide you with quick feedback and to help see if you understand the information.

The following is an example of a bar activity:
Western Australia responsible sale of alcohol
  • Your ability to apply the requirements of responsible service of alcohol legislation to beverage service situations.

  • Your understanding of the consequences of non compliance in relation to the legislation on the business and individual staff members.

  • Your ability to apply the knowledge of Responsible Service of Alcohol and harm minimization to beverage service situations.
Jobs you can apply for once you have your RSA:
  • Anything really in the Hospitality Industry that relates to Alcohol;

  • Bar Attendant at Pubs, Sports Clubs, Night Clubs, and Bowls Clubs any location serving alcohol in Western Australia.

  • Cellar Hand on a winery, promotions where they offer free tastings.

  • Food and Beverage Attendant

  • Bottle Shop Attendant

  • Promotional staff (events or shows with alcohol that’s paid for or that’s offered free)

  • Bar / Restaurant Host

  • Cocktail Bar Staff

  • Sommelier (wine steward)

  • Room Service Staff

  • Glass Collectors  
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