Western Australia
Ravensthorpe is located 541 kilometres south east of Perth and 40 kilometres inland from the south coast of the state, between Albany and Esperance.

The town is a small sheep and wheat service centre surrounded by the Ravensthorpe Range. Mining activity is now taking place in the area, with both nickel and lithium being mined. Also,  because the mining activity is bringing new families into the area a primary school has opened in Hopetoun.

Qualup Bell, Pimelea physodes
Qualup Bell, Pimelea
physodes. Richenda.
Courtesy of Panoramio

Wildflowers, Fitzgerald
River National Park, WA
The Ravensthorpe Wildflower Show is held in the town each year during mid September, when it is open for 14 days between 9am and 4pm. More than 700 different species of flowers are displayed, each of which are named. This is a world class event that should not be missed, where visitors are encouraged to bring along their own cameras and take photographs of the magnificent displays. Parking is available at the show for coaches and caravans. Plus, wheelchair access and refreshments are also available. Visit the Ravensthorpe Wildflower Show website.

The Fitzgerald River National Park is located nearby and covers the valleys of four major river systems which flow south-east to the coast. A low range of rugged quartzite hills known as The Barrens are located in the southern area of the park, while the centre and northern areas of the park consist of an extensive undulating plain.

The flora located within the park is exceptionally rich and diverse, and although the Park occupies only 0.2 per cent of Western Australia's land surface, more than 20 per cent of the state's plant species occur there. Many of the species found within the park are endemic to the region. The vegetation varies throughout the park, ranging from woodland on the richer soils through to mallee and mallee heath on the poorer soils.

More recorded species of birds, mammals and frogs are found within the park than are found within any other reserve in the south west of the state. This is in part due to the huge size of the park, although is also because of the unusual blending of wet country and dry country species which occurs. Some 209 bird species and more than 1800 plant species are unique to the park.

Threatened species such as the woylie, the tammar wallaby and the ground parrot, mostly inhabit the heaths and mallee areas located within the northern areas of the park.

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Jerdacuttup Primary School
Ravensthorpe District High School
Hopetoun Primary School

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Connections to the National Broadband Network are not due to be available in Ravensthorpe until after 2015. Learn more.

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Ravensthorpe, Range & National Park
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Ravensthorpe Flower Show

Ravensthorp sunset.
Ravensthorp sunset
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The Shire of Ravensthorpe

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