Western Australia
The western edge of the Nullarbor Plain is located approximately 900 kilometres by road to the east of Perth. It is a further 550 kilometres to the South Australian border, plus approximately 450 kilometres further to the eastern edge of the plain in South Australia.

The plain is one of the lowest populated areas in Australia. No towns are located in the area, only a few very small settlements which provide services to road travellers along the single road or house a small number of rail workers on the single rail line that crosses the plain.

The Nullarbor Plain is part of the area of flat, almost treeless, arid or semi-arid country located on the Great Australian Bight coast, with the Great Victoria Desert located to the north. To the south and running east-west for hundreds of kilometres the spectacular Bunda Cliffs rise more than 100 metres out of the Southern Ocean.

The plain consists of the world's largest single piece of limestone, occupying an area of approximately 200,000 square kilometres. At its widest point, the plain stretches about 1,100 kilometres from east to west between South Australia and Western Australia.

A large area of the Nullarbor Plain is now a National Park, and  vegetation in the area consists primarily of saltbush and bluebush scrub. An interpretation of the latin name Null Arbor literally means no tree.

Most of the inhabitants in the area live in small settlements located along the railway line or along the Eyre Highway which each cross the plain at different locations. The road runs close to the coast, while the rail line is located about one hundred kilometres inland to the north of the road. The settlements are located between one and two hundred kilometres apart.

Nearby places

Cocklebiddy Cave

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Nullarbor Muster

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The Nullarbor Muster is an annual community event held each year in late April in the tiny settlement of Rawlinna located on the western edge of the Nullarbor Plain. Visit the Nullarbor Muster website for details.

Nullarbor Road Trip

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