Western Australia
The Hamersley Range is a mountainous region of the Pilbara, running from the Fortescue River in the northeast, 460 km south.

The range contains large deposits of iron ore, and is the source of a large proportion of Australia's iron ore exports. It is located predominately in the Banded Iron Formation (BIF) - also known as the Brockman iron formation. Visit the website linked to here to learn more about the Geology of the Hamersley Range.

Western Australia's major iron ore producers operate mines, railways and communities throughout the range, and extract and export vast amounts of iron ore each year.

Karijini National Park, one of the largest National Parks in Australia is located within the range.

Many extensively-eroded gorges such as Wittenoom Gorge, and the twenty highest peaks in the state are located within the range. Some of the peaks include Mount Bruce 1,234 metres, Mount Nameless 1,115 metres, Mount Reeder Nichols 1,109 metres, Mount Samson 1,107 metres, Mount Truchanas 1,148 metres and Mount Tom Price 775 metres.

Geologically, these are some of the most ancient landforms on the earth's crust and are collectively known as the Pilbara craton.

No towns are located within the range, only mine camps. The nearest sizable town to the range is Pannawonica located about 100km to the north.

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Canyoneering - The Miracle Mile (Karijini Gorges)

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Bungaroo Iron Ore Exploration Camp.The Hamersley Range
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