Western Australia


Driving distances between towns

To find directions, distances and driving times:

1. Click here to view a large Google map of WA.

2. Enter the relevant place names for the start and the end of your
    journey into the fields displayed on the page.

    Select the car icon to view the road route.

    All steps in the journey are displayed within a list.

Click to learn more about driving distances in WA

The chart displayed on this page shows approximate road distances in kilometres between major towns and cities in Western Australia. The chart also shows estimated driving times between the towns and cities in hours and minutes.

To use the chart, use your mouse cursor to drag the cream coloured bars to overlay the initial letters in the names of the start and end of your journey.

The red area, then highlights the approximate road distance between the selected centres in the lower left area of the chart. Alternatively, drag the cream bars to the upper right hand area of the chart and position them to highlight the two selected centres. The red area then highlights the approximate driving time in hours and minutes.

For example, the default setting shows that the road distance between Broome and Norseman is 2770 kilometres. The driving time between those two locations can be found by dragging the cream coloured highlight bars into the upper right-hand area of the chart until they overlay the initial letters in the names of the two towns. The red highlight area then highlights the approximate driving time between the towns.

Note: Press F11 on your keyboard to view the page full screen and see more of the chart. You can press F11 again to escape full screen view. This feature should work in all current operating systems and web browsers.

*The displayed distances and times have been obtained by following National and State Highways, main roads and other significant roads and are not necessarily the shortest routes. Refer to MAIN ROADS Western Australia for more information.

For more driving distance and direction information, click the link shown in the  left column. Then, click the Get Directions link on the displayed page and type the name of the starting location and the name of the ending location into the relevant fields. Next, click the button labeled Get Directions. The directions and distance information will  display on the page.

Important Notices: before driving long distances through remote areas of Western Australia, always notify a responsible individual or authority about your journey, and arrange to contact them when you arrive safely at your destination. Also, ensure that your vehicle is adequately prepared for the journey and be certain to carry relevant spare parts, plus extra food and water in case of a breakdown.

The Australian outback is beautiful, although it can also be harsh and unforgiving. Becoming lost or breaking down in the outback when no one knows that you are out there has the potential to become a life threatening experience.

Also, take adequate rest breaks when driving long distances. Falling asleep at the wheel when driving on an outback or urban road is a disaster from which you and your passengers may never recover.

                                                                 Approximate driving times between places, shown in hours and minutes                                                                                                 Approximate road distances between places, shown in kilometres