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Alkimos is a new regional city which is being developed 42 kilometres to the north of Perth, on the coast within the City of Wanneroo.

The area is named after a merchant shipping vessel of the same name which was wrecked in 1963 at the location. The Alkimos wreck is a diving site, plus is also of interest to ghost hunters, although little now remains to be seen of the wrecked ship.

It is a popular spot with West Australian surfers, although stories abound about sharks and ghosts associated with the wreck.

Presently (2014), housing lots are being developed and new houses being build in Shorehaven, which is located to the immediate north of the planned new city centre about 2km inland from the coast.

Massive earth works are presently being undertaken, with entire ancient dune systems being leveled to make way for roads and residential building programs. Also, houses and commercial properties will be built along the sea front during the next few years.

The area will eventually house over 50,000 residents, plus hospitals, tertiary educational institutions and major retail, commercial and recreational facilities. It is the first completely new regional centre to be developed in the state since the development of Joondalup starting in the early 1980s.

The new regional centre will include a public transport system, with three railway stations in a proposed extension of the Joondalup rail line. Also, schools, leisure and community facilities, businesses and commercial centres. In addition, the area has been identified as a potential location for a large new marina.

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Connections to the National Broadband Network are not due to be available in Alkimos until after 2015. Learn more

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Shark at Alkimos Beach

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Update 3 September 2013. The new road from Marmion Avenue to the beach at Shorehaven is now open and is well worth visiting.

Alkimos, after the storm.
Beach scene at AlkimosCopyright BigFoot1966. Courtesy of Panoramio